Smart Pharmacy has PCAB and ACHC Accredited state-of-the-art compounding laboratories that blend the traditional art of compounding with sophisticated equipment and technology that enable us to create cutting-edge therapies. We remain true to the origins of pharmacy by making exclusive preparations to help improve a patient’s therapeutic outcome.


We obtain our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) from United States FDA approved companies that source only the finest quality ingredients. We stock our laboratories with the APIs required to compound a customized prescription, in the most appropriate dosage form for each patient. Both of our laboratories are state-of-the-art with safety hoods, allowing us to compound preparations free of contaminants. Our compounding staff is led by Doctors of Pharmacy who are assisted by Registered and Certified Pharmacy Technicians. The laboratory staff is trained, tested and certified in the most up-to-date compounding techniques. Smart Pharmacy’s laboratory complies with State and Federal regulations governing compounding pharmacies.

Our goal is to stay ahead of current trends in pharmacy healthcare and remain leaders in our industry.